Sargon of Akkad and Moses

How can there be two similar accounts of abandonment at a river, and then going on to be Great Rulers?
Which account is false? And does this prove that the Bible is an allegory?

The Legend of Sargon (his autobiography), he was born the illegitimate son of a “changeling”, which could refer to a temple priestess of the goddess Inanna (whose clergy were androgynous) and never knew his father. His mother could not reveal her pregnancy or keep the child, and so she placed him in a basket which she then let go on the Euphrates River. She had sealed the basket with tar, and the water carried him safely to where he was later found by a man named Akki who was a gardener for Ur-Zababa, the king of the Sumerian city of Kish.

After a few months, the baby is too big for her to hide safely, so she decides to place him in a caulked wicker basket in a strategic spot in the reeds that grew along the sides of the Nile River (often referred to as bulrushes), with the hope that he will be found and adopted. To ensure the baby’s safety, Moses’s sister Miriam watches from a hiding place nearby.

The baby’s crying alerts one of the pharaoh’s daughters who takes the baby. Moses’ sister Miriam watches in hiding but comes out when it is clear the princess is planning to keep the child. She asks the princess if she would like a Hebrew midwife. The princess agrees and so Miriam arranges to have the real mother get paid to nurse her own child who now lives among the Egyptian royalty.

Ungeweka video ya sargon kwanza tujue ni nini unasema . Unsaound ni kama umeibiwo

Ongeza mzito Karna hapo.

The Bible is the only true account. Other legends just copied

Sargon’s existence is archaeologically proven and he was alive 2000 yrs before Moses was supposed to have been alive.
There is no archaeological proof of Moses, not even in Pharaoh’s Egypt.

He could have existed by a different name

His name means “pulled out of the Nile”. The Pharaoh’s daughter named him. If he has a different name then; this totally contradicts, the narrative of being left in the river in a basket. All myth anyway.

Declaring something doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Maybe Ramses destroyed Moses’s account of existence after being humiliated at the Red sea.

Archaeological proof is hard to erase. Nothing to show the Exodus happening at the Sinai up to now. Because of little rainfall in Sinai, you can easily tell where a handful of Berbers camped up to 10000 yrs back. Egyptian empire at the time extended to Lebanon. So how could an exodus happen to Isreal?

Do you understand the meaning of the word “legend”?

Are you an Archeologist? many errors have been made in archeology… read wide and don’t believe all the rumors. The biggest mistake we make is that once we go to school and make some little money, we lie to ourselves that we know better… Soma bibilia na utashangaa… scientists stumble on most of this findings when they are in the process of disapproving what has been written in the let me shock you Bible…

How come we can get 200m yr old dinosaur bones but not a speck to prove the Exodus in Sinai just 3000yrs back? Sometimes you just have to call it as it is. The Bible is an amalgamation of Sumerian, Egyptian, Persian and, Greek; Pagan and Polytheistic religious writings.

How come there was technology better than our present during the so called pre-historic years?

Bro carbon dating is fake!!!.. do you have AUTHENTIC and comprehensive copies of this pagan/Persian/polytheistic writings?

So carbon dating is fake, do you mean humans shared the earth with dinosaurs.
There are so many
e.g Romulus founder of Rome was son of god , born of a virgin, killed, rises from the dead, ascends to heaven to rule.