Samsung wanaenda OLED

So news in today indicate that Samsung has sold one of its largest LCD factories to TCL. Rumour has it that Samsung will stop using LCDs completely by 2022 and will sell all its LCD factories in China and South Korea by end of this year.

The company will focus on Quantum Dots on OLED. Kwa hivyo talkers wenye wamekatalia LCD wajue OLED is the future. In the meantime, TCL will stay loyal to its customers such as @Jimit and will keep the flow of LCDs coming to this market. By purchasing Samsung LCD factories, TCL has made that point clear.

They tried conning people with Qled which is basically LCD but haikuweza. It’s only natural that the move to Oled if they want to survive the TV market.

Vipi nyam? Ile ritual is in high gear at this particular time. Nkirudi end month ukue uliefanya hivo, usiogope kisu :smiley:

Kwani wewe ni mluhya?


Height ulisemaga ni 6 feet… Halafu brown skeen?

Na kumbuka hio tym clad ilikuwa dirty jeans t-shirts na snap backs… Ama nimesahau Mzee?

Kuna mabadiliko??