Samsung TV broken screen

Wadau saidieni pahali naweza replace the broken panel.Everything else works fine.


Am coming for it. Niko kwa njia.

Mboss, kureplace izo stuff is as expensive as purchasing a new screen. Consider buying a new one.

Buying a new panel is 80% cost of a new TV. Add Fundi payment and its now just the same as buying a new one. Just buy a new one. The only thing you can salvage is the power supply and remote if you can sell them to a Fundi.

Huwa una-replace? nko na sony imecrack screen pia

Zito kabisa, even sony as long as i have the particular Screen in my store.

Nokia 3310 imecrack screen

Nikija Nai nita kushtua inbox details za io TV

I recently had a similar problem with a Toshiba LED tv. If the screen is not cracked, you’re OK.

Is the screen cracked? Or is it just that it won’t light up?

Cheki hii thread I have a similar problem but yangu ni hizo dots

Haina wasi bro, alert me you around.

Let me check it.