Samsung S21 To Exclude SD Card Slot Just Like iPhone

There is a new trend in the smartphone industry that many manufacturers may follow. This is releasing a smartphone without a charger which was started by Apple. After the iPhone 12 series, the Xiaomi Mi 11 series also comes without a charger. However, that will not be the only intentional omissions from smartphones. According to recent reports, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not come with a micro SD card slot. In addition, some markets will include chargers , and other markets will not include chargers with their packaging.

sd card in 2021 is just a waste of space

Fuck em they killed the 3.5 mm jack next on the chopping board ni fm radio,

There is this shitty trend that people seem to follow. Watu wanafuata iPhone blindly. iPhone walitoa headphone jack kila mtu akafuata, iPhone wakatoa simu iko na notch kila mtu akafuata, iPhone wanatoa simu haina charger kila mtu anafuata. Saa hii iPhone wanatoa simu haina mem card kila mtu anafuata. Next iPhone watatoa simu haina screen na kila mtu atafuata tu. Upuzi tu.

If the phone comes with 128/256 GB of internal memory, then there’s no problem with getting rid of the SD.



[SIZE=5]But sir neither you or the fellow above can afford any of these phones.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]S21 ni kshs. 138, 000. :D:D:D[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Iphone 12 ni kshs. 130,000 to 150k.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Can you be serious. None of you are affected. None!! :D[/SIZE]


Kuna mahali niliona iphone 12 pro max ikiuzwa kshs. 202,000. :D:D

Hizo simu tukubali tu roho safi hamtawai guza.

Clearly the next iPhone zitaingia 250k, then 300k and soon enough half a million.

You can’t repair the new iPhones. You get a cracked screen you have to take it back to Apple wakukamue.

So how will they charge without the chargers? Wireless charging may be?

Do you own an iPhone???

For you to crack the screen you have to own one first, do you own one?

Hizi sio simu za hoi polloi.

Where would you even take an original Iphone screen to be repaired after spending 150k??

Would you take it to a stall on Tom Mboya street?

Where would they get the replacement screen? :D:D

Kuwa serious.

Ni kama Mercedes. If you bought one brand new you can bet an ordinary mechanic has no idea how to repair it. Hata hajui aanzie wapi. These are not ordinary products.

Parts ziko china msee

Kuma moto kuwaga serious mseh. Hii ni ile simu ukinunua unaiwekea insurance immediately.

Hii sio oppo ama gamon sijui camon. Kakianguka unanunua kengine. Hii ni machine.

Hata deorro alikuwa anadharau product za Apple mainly because he couldn’t afford them.

You have to buy the charger separately

:smiley: Afadhali nibaki na Android yangu

Msee amebuy parts akajiundia

S20 is 512gb what do you need and card for. S21 will probably be s30 and will be a 1tb phone. Acheni sd market ikufe natural death.

I have 128GB na imenilemea kujaza. Why do I need an sd card? [ATTACH=full]342724[/ATTACH]

That was a very interesting video. But you should’ve followed it up with the video below where he says it cost him $1000 to build which is more than a brand new 6s which costed $600 brand new that year in 2017.

So he in fact spent more plus room and air tickets…

He also says that a used 6S costed $250 that same year so is it worth the journey to China?

But my main issue is the quality of the parts he is buying. Some of those parts look ridiculously fake.

And did the phone run for at least one week without any glitches? Who knows. :smiley: