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Someone wants to sell me a samsung galaxy s2 phone though not new its man in korea and the dude says its not counterfeit wanted to ask for those who have ever had it how is its performance and how can i know its a genuine samsung

Watu wako S6 wewe unauliza stori za S2… It’s like asking how we operated Great walls.

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Don’t take S2 from korea. The variants of those phones mean they dont have sim toolkits (the one for accessing mpesa menu). My pal had brought down like 20 some time back when the s3 had just come back. He was selling them for like 25k when he bought them for 10k. And all of them were returned after selling them.
I dont know if downloading a sim toolkit app works, i never got to test that out.

#cypher 254 mtu hujikuna penye mkono hufika …some of us only look for phones when we get jacked or they fail and when i say fail i mean kuharibika kabisa…

#Nairobilay thanks for the info i hadnt scrutinised it well but il take your word for it…

I dont know abt samsung phones, but the company is South korean. otherwise, korean products are much better than chinese.

there are a lot of things to verify an original device, kitu ya kwanza ni quality ya camera
#1234# firmware version
#* Phone information

Its not that the phone is fake. Samsung does make a version of a particular phone that is slightly tweeked for a particular country/region. Thats why if an international model for a phone is for example i9500 you might find the same looking phone with the model number i9505. There change is in the firmware or chipset or both

I get you guyz thanks…And if i may ask the performance between dual sim and single sim samsung phones coz i also noticed single sim are slightly expensive than the dual sim…

sasa ukidail hizi kwa clone haitaleta?!?!

ok what’s the definition of clone in regard to this topic, coz kuna simu frm China with original Android firmware eg.Xtigi,Itel,Tecno,Infinix,Injojoo. …clones used to be like Sumsong, Nokla,Sunny Ericson…
so regardless of fon origin if it runs on a real android version it will most likely obey to the android commands like ##4636## that is in android bt not make or model of a particular fon… so to answer ua question; no clone haitaleta anything wen u dial these codes

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