Samsung CEO

SEOUL, South Korea — The billionaire head of South Korea’s Samsung Group, Jay Y. Lee, was jailed for five years for bribery on Friday after a six-month trial over a scandal that brought down the president.

The day Africans will dispense justice like this is when we will truly have arrived and realized our true potential.


Seoul apana tambua, citizens camp in the square demanding justice. We, Africans have a long way to go

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The South Koreans, compared to the Chinese, are more astute and straight shooters compared to the Chinese.

Why can’t we Africans reach that level of accountability? It seems to be getting worse.

In Kenya he would be an untouchable not even bothering to appear in person for court sessions but sending his lawyers who file injunction after injunction till the public loses interest and the matter dies quietly.
Gichuru and Okemo were found guilty and were to be extradited to Jersey for trial many years ago but they are still here running circles around the courts systems.

Am waiting to see how Kiambu Women rep recall will go. If it sails thru’ it will be the beginning of a new era.
That recall must be giving the political class a nightmare. I guess the same formula can be used to fight corruption in the public institutions.

Hii jamaa itakuwa inkaa kwa 5 star hotel room doing business as usual for the next 5 yrs. Money can buy u anything. This just a public gimmick. Trust me

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You cannot recall someone that has not yet assumed and taken the oath of office.

In addition, in the new Katiba, they need to have been in office for at least 2 years for the clause to kick in. It’s all posturing.

My bad, but if at the end of the day she can get recalled, in my own opinion, that will be a move in the right direction.
The move of people collecting signatures means that, there are some vices that the citizenry will not tolerate henceforth, greed being one of them.
Lets wait and see, how we will react to the next financial scandal.

i hope kenya reaches to such a level one day

Guess how much are samsung electronics co stocks cost.


A cool Ksh200,000. Wazito mpo lakini.


There are countries in the world that take the rule of law seriously. It spells ORDER.

This can never happen in Africa, leave alone Kenya. The way we get drunk with power huku

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I think Japanese too. Sijui ni culture ama genetics.

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Hata former president si yuko ndani. Huku unaambiwa going after a former president ni witch-hunt.

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