Samsung A51 Vs Xiaomi k20

Which one is the best I want to buy one of them

Considering i have a good experience with Xiaomi i would roll with them any day over Samsung,
plus the ability to shoot at 960fps for those slow more shots it’s a big bonus if ur into cinematography.
Their cameras are good
Snapdragon processor beats Exynos ya Samsung any day
Display ina support Hdr…it’s hard to explain it but ukiweza kuwatch video in hdr that experience is on another level.
Bottom line i would go for Xiaomi over Samsung

You already settled for any of these 2, yes?
Not very good handsets in my opinion considering all the numerous choices there are at this range.

Poco x3 nfc
Galaxy A71

Did you know that you can get yourself a Samsung Galaxy s9 plus at sub 30K?
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Tell him to go to flagship phones za 2018-2019. Hapa Unapata deal poa range ya 25-35k. My next upgrade ni Huawei mate 20 or Huawei pro 20.

Huawei ndio kusema. I used to be a Samsung slave

Huawei is the undisputed champion in all areas of contests, albeit with a can of worms under its hood. But also undisputed is the fact that Samsung have a wonderful if not the best record in the flagships segment. Samsung just have a peculiar way with their high end smartphones, and that’s why a Samsung flagship can remain relevant for upto half a decade!

Hiyo notch ya p20 zi

Go xiaomi buda, try the poco series ama ujichoche na mi note 10

Am using Xiaomi but uawei wako ligi Yao. Kirin 970 si macheso. Hii Huawei mate 20/pro 20 ilinyorosha iPhone X pamoja na galaxy s9.

Sure. Samsung flagships is a whole new level. I had an S8 and that phone was a beast. It however had a veeery poor network reception. It dropped calls so often. I googled and realised everyone was complaining of the same poor network issue.

Currently on samsung s9, a two year old flagship but the experience is undefeated.

K20 is close to 200gms ongeza case and the phone will be 1/4 Kg. I don’t see how one can be comfortable using such a heavy phone for an extended period.

How is its network strength?

Pretty stable at all times, they should’ve fitted a larger battery though.


Am seeing a lot of them on jiji