Samosa guy..

There is this place near delta house I pass by in westlands as I go to work. At the corner there is a guy always stationed there selling very happy samosas at 10 bob. They are huge samosas of meat and pilipili of far (that kafirifiri you listen from far). Having two of this thambuthas and a glass of water from the neighbour while going home would make me not eat supper.
I was his regular customer, but on this day I find a huge crowd at his base. Am thinking maybe it is terrific samosa day, buy one and get another free. But moving closely I realize someone is been clobbered here. Its my samosa guy…apparently people raided his den and saw a donkey head, zebra skin and some feathers of a crow and other funny birds.
Okey do you know that kigogo (crow) doesn’t just die like that !! Its one of the birds that even disease and death refuses it!! The only circumstances a kigogoo will die is old age or menopause! so this guy has been making us samosa from remains of magogoos and donkey dry fry?
I just went straight to a Maasai selling miti ni dawa and asked for a whole thermos to detox. This Maasai stuff almost washed even my sins away. Up to date I see a samosa guy and change direction.


Acknowledge the source brarry…thambutha!!


just like those mtura guyz at Allsopps. watu hujaa sana and he cant tell u the ingredient ni nyama ya nini. mi hushuku sana nezakua nameza mureithi apo


Nyama ni nyama

Very funny hekaya

Tells you man can survive on anything, it’s all psychological. You can eat human flesh and praise the chef juu ya kuweka kafirifiri ka mbali vizuri…


Hekaya Timan!!

By the way, are you related to Wanjohi of Kegogoine??


Sounds like Ole Weru or Chege wa Wairimu ama Onjohi Wamagogo.


So tru

Probox mingi za kuja nairofi ni za hii biz.
Stick to one butcher.

Or visit Kiamaiko/Burma on one day in a week n stock up.

PS ;; hata Burma/Kiamaiko you HV to inspect the meat

ati ikuwe nyama ya watu as long as sijui ni sawa

We had the same kind of incidence at Eldoret 4years ago, the samosa guy got saved and denounced his former life including hunting for stray dog luring them with a quarter kg of meat and finishing them off with a Tindo and grinding the meat for samosa production.


I once ate a HERON nikiwa kihii out of curiosity and twas good, and as an adult had a chance to cook a porcupine and serve it to my unsuspecting family… ferk that thing I’d ferkin good kwanza the skin which happens to be fatty.


@kapoor ulipeleka ujinga kwa wakale

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i am a vegeterian bana


Njegeman is a delicacy, mmmmm yummy

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Porcupine ata mm nmekula is not bad


Umenikumbusha the series hannibal venye alikua anadalia guest wake sumptuous meals.Wanakula na kuheap praise on his culinary abilities…little did they know wanakula human flesh.

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Iko mtu hapa hukula samosa za sonford and their other branches? Their samosas ni kubwa sana and it’s 40 bob