From church, i justed stumbled on aljazeera with kenyan highlight news. They just restored my faith in humanity when they discussed about challenges when investing in africa, how africa is changing.
There was this comparison between Americans and Chinese governments. While American government is hampered by politics and conditions set before investing in any country, china just go direct to work with no questions. Am glad Americans can see this.

How is what you said related to Americans ama unadhani Al jazeera ni ya US?

Still smarting from all the missiles hurled your way in your PRESIDENT UHURU post. He he heh!

Reading post first is good before lamenting how thick your brain is in form of understanding.

Guess there are fewer weaves and socialites at KBC’s hotbed…the have done remarkably better than all these other second generation stations

What do you expect from peeps who got Cs and Ds in school? They are even trying

Kbc have really tried this weekend even yesterday ges summit ,the video was of high quality.

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I have been impressed with KBC in the past two days. Focusing on things that matter.


I think the mharo blogs and @kichwakibov should copy paste what we have discussed whole of this weekend and enlighten their fans