Niko hii town ya salama. talkers leteni cordinates ya Lanyez

All coordinates. X, Y, And Z![ATTACH=full]326909[/ATTACH]

What is explicit about u being in salama ngamia hii?

Just walk into a local bar and restaurant and strike a conversation with the bar lady.I insist bar lady because the bar men of the bars in these small towns have roho mbaya kushinda ya shetani.Once you strike a convo with the bar lady,just tell her you want someone to fuck,if she would recommend someone she knows.In these small towns,everone knows everyone.She will ask you the type of person you want,call her and she will arrive within minutes.She will direct you to the tiny rooms behind the bar uoshe rungu huko.
Been able to kamua some young Kao damsels in a small town called Ndii located between Voi and Manyani. using this method.This was during my drives to Mombasa before Covid.Natoka Nairobi Mapema like at 5am najipata Mtito at 740am.The drive to Mombasa from there becomes slow because i have all the time in the world and of course ideas za kuosha rungu zina anza ku pop up.

Agwas bwana…too late nko makindu will try in the evening…last time I was in Karatina nlishika soja Cuban Cigar nliletewa mali safi sana aka niambia ni siz ya sija nkachukia kitu poverty hufanyia wanawake