Saidieni villager trapped in apussy

Saidieni hii ghassier umbwer tuckertucker .[ATTACH=full]260947[/ATTACH]

Anything from Nigeria you take with a bit of pepe.

Fake and gaaay

stage managed or do we say magazine managed nonsense

Not even worth the paper it’s written on!

What do you expect from digi ki-hiii editors?

Hekaya za …



You’re very slow to differentiate real and muharo.

for gods sake ndume, i am not interested in your online cat fights. Find something constructive to do other than storing trolls from here on your mind. You’ll get cancer

You think @ndume e is my alter handle, keti.

wha eva mehn

Kenya prisons service are recruiting, enda kimbia upate kazi, graduates wako na salary poa nguruba.

I see what you did there

Nilijaribu nikaambiwa nko na ‘flat foot’…ati naweza vunjika nikiruka kwa lori

pepe ni nini?

aaaarsenal player

Musician from DRC. Haujui Pepe Kalle?

how do you take anything with a bit of a person?