Saidieni on how to recover data from corrupted USB flash

Juzi I copied some files from a friend’s computer kwa flash kufika home while coping the files to my comp the copying process froze, I removed the flash and inserted again but it failed to show on windows explorer but it makes that sound when I insert or remove I have tried using disk management but it does not appear there also tried using Cmd to access the files but still it does not appear it only appears under device manager tried also using a data recovery software but haijasaidia, how can I recover the files?

If the disk cannot appear in the Disk Management, then uninstall it from the device manager, unplug then plug it back, if windows cannot find a “New Hardware” like it does when new flash disks are plugged in, then your disk is fried.

If it gets recognised but the files are hidden by probably virus, then follow this command in command prompt to recover:

Attrib -h -r -s E:*.* /S /D then press enter.
(Assuming “E” is the drive letter)

If this fails then look for the nearest toilet and flash it down the drain. I think that’s why it’s known as “flash drive”.


Already tried that

If it is corrupt peleka evidence kwa DPP…



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Mini tool power data recovery

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try any variant of Linux to see it will get detected

kuna hard disk yangu haionekani kapsaa nitategeneza aje ?

Corrupt Flash disks can really frustrate …n most of the times that data is not recoverable…the best way to drown ur sorrows is by getting a nice steel hammer and a concrete slab and smash the f%cker into pieces and completely assume umesanywa na msee apo kariobangi.