Saidieni jameni.

I do have a laptop dell e7250 Which does not charge. When I bought it was charging. All over sudden ikakataa kucharge after using it Kwa miezi 4. I asked a friend told me battery imechapa. I bought a new battery. Hizi ndio mashida ina niletea.
Saidieni Mimi ni bonobo when it come to kampyuta.[ATTACH=full]335076[/ATTACH]

Hapa itabidi uuze kompyuta ununue battery

I bought a new battery. Na ina leta hii shida.

dell can be very choosy with batteries and chargers.

A new laptop battery should have a warranty,did you buy uptown?they should be able to replace.If they are reputable unafaa uende na machine wareplace so you confirm inawork kwa shop yao before carrying it home.Jaribu Ultimate tech/Wefix hapo standard street

Nili import from eBay.

is it a knock off or original?

nani walikubebea?

Sijui Mimi ni bonobo when it comes to computer.

Na uking’oa battery ikae desktop?

Hivyo ndivyo naitumia. Lazima nitembee na charge.

Take a clear/clrean shot,…
ama pia simu ni potatoe

knock offs may be rejected, but the most probable case is that the chinese put in very small cells inside so the battery is overwhelmed by the current demand. lithium ion cells inside a knock off are usually small. its unlikely to be a computer problem. a loose charging port damages battery so you can check that too.

can you help with the identity of your courier during importation?

Then use it that way. Kupata battery original is very difficult. Else itabidi maybe import. Otherwise utazidi kununua izo battery fake na azitasaidia.

I used kentex.

you can get an original battery on ebay but it will be like $50 while knock offs are half the price.
kentex no longer ships lithium ion batts.

Waliship I bought it in June nilikuwa napata early November. I will try AliExpress after reading reviews kadhaa.

Check the ampires on the battery if they match with the old battery and also confirm if its specified for dell laptops

Original was rated 52 WaH hii yenye nilinunua ni 45 Wah

that is not so much the problem. the original is probably 11.1 V and the newer one might be 10.8V, which makes the computer unable to draw the necessary current. sometimes the stated voltage for knock offs might be okay but will sharply drop when in use. the 52/45W ah denotes the storage capacity. If it were a good battery it should work but for a shorter period for a single charge. The only solution is to buy the original battery. batteries cannot be opened and fixed because manufacturers install an electronic tamperproof that invalidates the batt if it detects tampering.