Saidieni hapa tafadhali...

Don’t ask how I ended up with such remaining time!!![ATTACH=full]8915[/ATTACH]

its only 23.45 hours remaining,go get laid as you wait


He he he, next time don’t change the dates and time ndio uendelee kucheza. I was once slapped with 24,000.00 minutes wait.

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By the way how is the pregnancy @Chloe ,which of the two idiots did you choose, will it be a lad or a lass, if a lass will she be @Chloe junior?

Right on point.

My pal was taken to yr 2035…she quit

She should have just started from square one. @Chloe uko level? I on level 385.

[SIZE=4]Cheat Codes[/SIZE]
On the screen where you can choose to start or change options, press Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down. A new menu choice, “Cheat Enabled,” should appear.

Nimeshindwa kupita level 86.

root the damn phone n edit the app settings problem solved

root your phone and get lives free


mnaongea mambo ya idleness hapa ni kama it will save the shilling from further slide…no wonder you can’t solve such simple things as ovulation.


bure kabisa! y’all need to get lives

Akhhhhh…Na vile nimefungua thread mbio mbio nisaidie!


niko 70 how do i cheat nifike 500

Saving the shilling from further slide ni kazi ya Central Bank of Kenya and not members of Kenyatalk



[ATTACH=full]8918[/ATTACH] nimelemewa hapa