Saidieni Hapa Nina Swali...

What could be wrong with this question? Someone help me understand what the hell is the issue here… Or has the opposition in Kenya stooped this low to even address pettyness?
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Replace the question with this
51. Who among these never went to university?
a) Kalonzo b) Kidero c) Karua d) Odinga


the appropriate question should have been
51.Who among the following will never be president…


people who even muddle up their metaphors should not expect to be president, how do you water down steps gained in integration; kwani ni busaa au mnazi?

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tofauti yako na wale wasee huongea siasa kando ya Hilton ni gani?


AVICII wacha kutsia watu gumzo zao.

… si al shabwire walisema watamsaidia? Mbona ana catch feelings?

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Deorro huyu ni msuper =starks=nitro=ranny… Tame this lunatic mungikiress before she turns this place into another tribal den like her former home klist…
She should know this is another government

I see no offence in that question, it is as innocent as a one month old baby. I believe its part of our history and having said that the opposition can kiss my butthole donge!

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Please expound further coz I don’t want to repeat the mistake if at all I have committed one… What is tribal about my post? Please, Where have I gone wrong? And while at it which other government is this?

That is quite some bile… And over what? A politcian? Am I missing something here… Thanks all the same… I appreciate your criticism coz it will at the end make me a stronger person.

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hahaha… i thot people were joking wen i heard that in the office today!!!

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The have is supposed to be has

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Exactly. The only thing wrong with the question is the grammar.

Answer ya number 50 ni?

Or this…
Who among these is uncircumcised?


Sasa @mona_lisa :rolleyes::rolleyes:

:slight_smile: poa

this miss @Elin never ceases to amaze me…typical mumbi…ata naeza imagine her body shape…listen here dont ask kids qs that will divide them along ethnic lines.its primary school ask qs that will help a kid not degenerate them