Saidieni bana Google play store and Google play services are not working.

I have a Safaricom Neon Ray that has been having hanging problems for sometime now despite having it repaired by Safaricom thrice. So I decided to hard reset it but the problem only got bigger.
Saa hii Google play, services, gallery are not working and cannot connect to the internet. How can I go about it please?

Lemme throw my hat in the ring and say the following :

  1. The hanging issue is caused by low ram that your phone is packing. Might be that you are using memory hungry apps or you’ve loaded too many stuff on the 8GB ROM as well.
  2. The issue with and services can be sorted by first trying to clear the caches of both apps in app settings of your phone. Also check to ensure that play services is enabled in application info tab.
  3. Final resort… But first, did the option above work?

One option…

Buy good and decent phones. Cheap phones zitakusumbua sana uskie kulia bure.