I want to watch series online kwa phone,WiFi ain’t a problem…site gani itanisaidia?

Utauwa battery

OK thanks for the heads up

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Na story ya kukill batt is it legit?

It most likely will degrade the batt quickly if you use it more often…but then again, it’s an uproven fact. Itabaki umeamua…

series ama shemale porn

Utawatch series gani na tecno ya 4inch screen?

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Watch ikiwa kwa charger. currrent lithium ion batts have no problem with that

Use popcorn time app… It uses torrents n way better than all websites

@Dearro, on a similar bt unrelated topic how is lollipop 502 update,have they delt with camera en wifi bug,seemed to be a prblm accros all devices


download boss…simu uta charge

Kalel hapa unakatiwa boss