Saidia peasant----3rd party insurance

I have a problem, sijui nianzie wapi?. Today I had an accident, hit from behind by a matatu which is insured with direct line assurance. I got an abstract and I don’t know what to do next. In all my 8 years of driving I never had an accident and this is partly the reason I decided to do third party insurance.
I can’t go to my insurance for them to repair the vehicle and I am clueless on how to go about this?
Are there garages that I can just take the vehicle and they deal with the company?.

Pole sana ndugu yangu kwa ajali

@Wooi ghai fafa… Yaani ulikamuliwa dry fry…

Sorry for the accident buddy. But how on earth do you buy a car for 1.1million and take 3rd party cover on it(1million for an axio).
It appears you will need to buy some parts new like the bumpers, tail lights etc that car has depreciated in major way.


The Matatu guy is supposed to repair your vehicle. Na wachana na mambo ya 3rd party, my car is more than 10 yrs old na bado niko comprehensive

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His insurance should repair your car. They often (deliberately?) delay forcing you to do it then use lawyers and the court system to claim a refund. Should it come to that, make sure everything is documented.

That right there is a total loss in the insurance world. His insurance should compensate you with $$$ or even get you another car. Hopefully the matatu had better coverage than you. All the best!!!

–your username and situation, coincidence?

I hope everything works out for you man!

Thanks men, so what’s the procedure of getting his insurance to compensate. Do I call and enquire or do I drive to a garage, get a quote and start from there?

That will be a major headache. Did you report to the cops? Msisikizane nje. Make it formal, have your car and the mat inspected, to get the law on your side coz the mats insurance will try to jump you. You may have to sue them so it’s better when you don’t take shortcuts. More often the mat fails inspection. You may have to repair your car, document that. Some day they will pay you.

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Reported to the cops, statements taken, abstract obtained clearly written careless driving as the cause of the accident. Also policy number captured.

Next step, inspection. Insist coz they may lie to you. Remember your insurance will not pay you. Also document every step. Make a copy of their insurance cover with your phone, and also his dl. Act like you know what you are doing. That information will be very useful later on.

looks like a rongai mat dfkm, pole but I don’t think there’s an easy way around this. Kama mat haiko police station, itakuwa tricky sana! funga to macho either repair your car or look for an insurance agent who can beat the system, i.e get comprehensive insurance and delay on getting valuation done then present ur car as if it’s a fresh accident!

Wooi hadi kwa mkia boss

Ngari za 3rd party insurance number plate in ya 6 digits bro. Pole lakini. Was hit by a mat nyuma also, my insurance paid but i lost on excess charges nowadays I pay for waiver on excess too.

Here is what will happen. Today just walk to direct line assurance offices in town.

Report the accident to them and give them the copy of the police abstract.

Where are you located, I can recommend a garage if you are on thika road that direct line assurance will recognise their receipts without any issue. You have to pay for the repairs from your own pocket through and then use the receipts to claim for a refund…

The tricky part is to have the matatu pay their excess fee, by them doing that, they claim responsibility.

But make sure you report this to directline today and make sure they give you the claim number. They will refund you your cash back when you present your receipts. Make sure you get a good evaluator btw.


Usisumbuane na hio matatu

But how do you buy a house worth 1Million alafu unafunga Na kifuli ya tricycle 264???
Always go for comprehensive,for a vehicle worth 1M it should cost you less than 50K per year. Hata mama mboga huheshimu ule mtu hukopa mboga nyingi sio yule anayekopa kifungo cha 5bob

Thanks a lot, I am in magadi road, so garages in Langata will do

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