Saidia ndugu

Of late past one week i’ve been experiencing some pain on my right testicle, anyone expirienced this? Pain is more when urinating, what could be the cause?

It could be Cancer.

ngurumisha Bajaj upunguze blockage. baridi nasumbua wengi sana hauko peke yako

Gornorrhea Type 3

Symptoms of Mundu Onebollis.

go to a gynaright now, immediately you finish reading this, kimbia kwa gyna

How coincidence is that @Big Mjulus your posts always revolve gay and penis shiit…hata your handle
Nashuku huyu ni @Staff Member aka @cortedivoire

Hii Ni venereal syphilis,luwere luwere


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Palmela Handerson is right there with you.

Inaitwa trykojoashindwalisis. Luwere nyasaye akulinde

Syphylis stage 4. Now wait to go mad. Pole mkubwa, shida za anasa.

Check your lymph nodes if you have similar problem in any one of them then go pick ARVs mapema.

Brother 747 what is happenning? Mwanaume aende kwa gyna kufanya nini?


hapa si sptali

Gynecologists deal with women, not men with painful testis.