Saidia Kununua Shares Yunired States

I can see this Gamestop saga will make some regular folks overnight millionaires; although Wallstreet is not happy and some short sellers are about to go bankrupt.

Barely a few weeks ago, Gamestop shares was at $17.
Lakini saa hii inachezea $300 per share.
Na bado naskia itapanda mpaka Wallstreet wachunishwe skuma kabisa.

Next, people are jumping on the AMC shares which was selling at about $2 a few weeks ago.

Ata mimi nataka kunukisha kitungu twenty twenty one.

How can I buy those shares in the Yunired States?

Robinhood wakona ubaguzi, na wananiambia “This app is not available in your country”.

What’s the process if you’re a Kenyan?

hata mimi lazima nikuwe dynasty by force by fire

following keenly

Ghasia takataka

I think those residing in ze US can invest on your behalf for a small comishen.

@T.Vercetti leta maoni.

Unless unadai kubinjwa haga usiitishe maoni kwa raia ingine

by power by fire!!! hata sijui ni nini

The all too common Kenyans’ rush to the site action. People will get burned. Machos loading.

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I have 1 Mirrion US dollars and I am planning to buy these stocks

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