Saidia hapa - Subaru forester vs Merc C200

I’m looking to buy one of these two models in two three months time, the 2008 or 2009 models.
Najua hii kijiji iko watu wana experience with these two cars, so I really need your help/opinions so that I can make a decision between the two. My major concerns:
a)What is the build quality of each, esp for the specified year models?
b)reliability of each car
c)what would you recommend, considering our Kenyan roads?(though I’ll use the car within Nairobi 80% of the time)

NB: wale wenye watasema ati SUV/sedan comparison is not possible kaeni mbali, I want genuine opinions based on first-hand experience.

Nitarudi kusoma maoni…

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hii ni kama kulinganisha mbuzi na ngombe…they are both mammals but very different in their own ways…
chukua merc if u can afford it


Subaru Forester was good 2007 model… Masculine… hii ya 2008 hadi 2015 has too smooth bodies hence feminine… lost market!

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same thought here looks like a Rav 4 to me

Merc any day

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Go with your heart or talk to the real car experts out there. Here you will only get a lot of Contradictory information which will leave you more confused than before.

Merc any day…

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Merc any day…

Thank you guys,

Buy the Merc, build quality is definitely better than that of the Subaru.

You cannot compare the two.

C200 is in a class of it’s own.

Merc enide

The only comparison you can can make of the two vehicles is price…well a 2008 Forester Cross sports will go for about 1.8M to 2M range depending on specs and condition which is the same price a Merc C180 will go for…the only drwaback is that the new subaru models have lost it completely kwanza the funny shaped impreza…well the Merc is a piece of art even though the c180/200 are entry level bado tu the handling is super…so if given a choice id go for the Merc

Mercedes Buda!

Mitsubishi Evo 10 GSR if you can afford it

Nunua subaru. Fanya kazi. Tafuta pesa bila mchezo. Alafu nunua mercedes kama umejenga kwako na ukaweka gate kubwa. Ukianza na mercedes watu wenu wote watakuwa wanashinda kwako wakilia mashida. Wote wanaassume umefika self actualisation stage in maslows hierachy.

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n merc has ground clearance issues …but if u dont mind doin them turns on every bump…merc is most preferable
ps: kukufa ndani ya merc ni ngumu, si kama sub