Sagana Fallout

Sagana seems to have added more oil on fire instead of cooling down the fire

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Bro utangoja sana Konyagi ndio bado kingpin wa cendro wanaume wanakula kwa arap Kimwarer kulala ni kwa Konyagi.Of the two evils Konyagi is the lesser evil.Wahenga walinena zimwi likujualo halikuli ukaisha.Tafakari hayo.

Ground…ni ile ile

Let the mountains and the rift fight, the lake is still rearing fish

Liwe liwalo na uncle ruto

Ruto is 3 times better than dynasties but is he the best?

Wanaume wagani wewe mwanamke

one phrase , group of handles , by now you should have known what is online is different from the ground, just ask peter Kenneth

Mimi ndiye spokesman wa Mount Kenya na nikisema kitu lazima mfuate,na uwache Kuni quote Kama unaniogopa na dare not kuongea mbaya kunihusu

Ni nini Kipii?unawashwa na nini?tafuta kimakia.

Uhuru was told akuje kwa ground to address “his people” but he has not yet come. MCAs are not kwa ground, those are his employees. He should use the money he pocketed to make sure BBI passes because it’s not being voted in.

tafuta maklaya utombe. wacha kusumbuliwa na vitu useless

President Uhuru won central and Mt. Kenya away from former President Kibaki. He had won a beautiful wife in central and Mt. Kenya. However instead of keeping them happy, he went to build coast, ukambani, western and nyanza. The mpango wa kando’s who rejected him. Those who rejected him got his focus more than those who voted for him.

However there was this young man DP Uncle Ruto who kept going to central and Mt. Kenya like everywhere else in the country. Harambees, rural roads, chamas, last mile power connectivity, churches, funerals, weddings, schools, technical training institutes etc The locals loved that as it makes their lives easier and the courtship started. Tanga Tanga was acceptable. Meanwhile central and Mt. Kenya had been neglected by the husband President Uhuru and the bride left back home. He didn’t even notice, he was busy with his new catch called handcheque dinning in coast on live TV and drunk as a kite. When the bride protested, insults of mushenzi started. All good the wife now cohabited with a new man back at her ancestral home. The new relationship was blissful, she was loving the new styles and high energy romp till morning. Now she understands why her kin left for RV, suffered clashes and still stay there. Land, money and dickmatized. The region paternal Uncle Moses Kuria last attempts to bring back their former leader woke President Uhuru from his drunken slumber. MK rants about the projects in coast, western, nyanza and ukambani and nothing at home except the now stopped tanga tanga local rural projects. Soon mau mau road, dialing of Kenol road, revival of central railway projects and Kirinyaga dam projects starts to counter the rebellion in the region.

Now President Uhuru needs to change the laws of the country and need his region to back it. However he now realizes he has already been replaced. He goes to seek back his wife who is back at her rural home. He pays all the elders and family in a meeting in sagana to cry for sympathy that his neglected wife he left is being screwed by a new catch. He wants her back not because he is there to help them but they need to again help him stay on as national leader. They clap because his envelope of cash was generous.

Today after sagana he has gone to the wife home. She is not bothered by him or his meeting with her family. Infact she tells him she is already pregnant with the new man DP Uncle Ruto. She shows him the new projects they have started together for income and that is why she hasn’t even bothered to ask for money since she left. The only difficulty is the economy is down and him the President is not focused in reviving that. Also their children are not even a bother since the new man has incorporated them to the new family and supporting them all equally. Lastly the sex is out of this world. Anafikisha hapo nyuma. She is fully satisfied in bed. Infact she waiting for him today to give him some more before the Pregnancy becomes too big.

He has being replaced completely. He now also realizes the uncles and aunts he paraded yesterday took the money, cheered him during the day and they are now laughing at him for the karma. The mpangos at western, coast and ukambani are also falling for the same person. Yeye kazi yake imekuwa tu kupeana pesa wanakula then they leave.

You are stupid. I will enjoy your death

Uwesmake why do you always hide under pink handles? 2022 William Kamau Ruto statehouse

Who the hell uses the comment sections on facebook as a source of anything , saa zengine kuanga serious @langatkipro

Anything will do for Mr. Langat, whose narrative must be sustained

@spear, hadn’t the Kirinyaga dam projects stalled thanks to Kimwarer and Arror scandals?

CAn you give us the amount of money Uhuru has spent in all regions we compare instead of always lying. Uhuru has only developed Nairobi

It briefly stalled because of government overambitious plans. We tried building 10 dams at once. We had Itare dam construction in molo Nakuru county ongoing. Italy and Kenya government signed loan package for Kimwarer dam construction and finally this Kirinyaga dam construction. However come 2018 muhoho Kenyatta ended a deal with a Chinese firm to build Thakwe dam in Ukambani and muraithe did the sane for the dam in Kiambu. There was no budget allocation for this dams. New loans had to be arranged and subsequently the ongoing dams construction were halted. That’s was the only reason they were stopped.