Safety Razor in Nai?

[ATTACH=full]237479[/ATTACH]Mbirrionares where can I buy saftery razor, the holder hapa Nairobi. Nimetafuta kila kichochoro. The only option naona no jumia global, that will take longer than usual to get to me.

hizi ni gani?


Mblo my phone is on auto pilot… Sijui ni virusi… The thing keeps doing auto spelling… Jibu swali kama unajua, spelling si ya mamayako.

unataka kugwara mwili bure ikue black. nunua machine

mimi hunyoa na schick exacta 2 green na sioni matatizo yoyote kwa ndevu au malaika. pole kwa matatizo ya simu. wembe wenyewe ni huu…


what’s the difference between it and gillette? just curious

You two just have good hair. Those Gilletes and Shticks with double and triple blades cause a lot of razor burn, razor bumps and ingrown hairs to some people. Ukiona mwanaume anajua safety razor ni nini, UA amejaribu kila blade, kila shaving cream, kila kinyozi machine na hazimsaidii. Ingrown hairs are due to curly hair.

Makubwa ya makubwa, Safety razors don’t cause Bumps, burns. BTW, the most expensive razors that Gillete makes are Safety razors. They go for 200 to 800 fucking dollars. Yes, gillete makes Safety razors. They know what people don’t. Ubaya tu nikujikata. Otherwise, ukinunua Safety razor, pack ya razor blades in 100 na inakaa the whole year. Gillette mark 3 MTU huspend 1000 per month kama uko na ndevu serious na hautaki kunyoa na razor blunt

i used to have these when i shaved with gillette, bic. stopped when i discovered schick.

Gays nyinyi

Thinking of buying this from Ali express it looks better than what jumia has

I am going back to basics, becuz as la Dante says,… Nimejaribu kila kitu but wapi…


Go for supermax3 green in colour, with disposable blades .Any supermarket …na apana ongea ovyo ovyo !

I have them though the holder is not the premium type. But it doesn’t affect shaving.

I will post pictures shortly. 2 pieces 100 KSh.


To the last poster, yes for sure I also take note that Gillete and something like that is just for some people who shave their few hairs two times a week and that’s it. For something bigger than this like solid beard - good luck to use those 5 razor things;)

Where are you located mblo?

Mfangano street.

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