safcom cctv cameras

[ATTACH=full]5253[/ATTACH] Looking like this one, they are all over town. Hope they make a difference.

Hizi vitu ziko na speed camera? Saw one on Nrb Nax hway?

@Electronics4u hii mambo ya 1.5 megapixel kwa camera uwache

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I support these security moves. I just wish that they would spend more money giving the youth a chance to improve themselves. There is despair in many parts of Kenya because the youth keep waiting while old people keep getting recycled

In most cases, are we the same people recycling them?

Of course we are. These same youth form the bulk of the voters and yet would rather vote in a mzee who dishes out a few wrinkles notes than one of their own who cannot afford the same.

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zimejaa kwa junction mob

Kulikuwa usiku usiku (hope that explains0:):(:(:).

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We are our own enemies.

I wouldn’t say we do it directly. We the voters reject the dinosaurs at the ballot only for them to be appointed to government positions. I can assure you that wananchi aren’t happy about that.

They did bring in fresh faces in their cabinet.
Waruguru is my favorite fresh face.
There are plenty more. Past governments recycled 90% of rejects. This Jubilee government is great. It recycled much fewer

Who the ferk is Waruguru?

yeh…and this cameras are for against the same youth who for lack of opportunities end up being THUGS

HIZI sini Dome na Bullet cameras…iyo tender was damn expensive for this

I actually had thought of that but decided against saying it because it appears defeatist.

This project was supposed go be launched last month…lets wait for the launch date tuikaguwe…it’s been done by Huwawei

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