Safaricorp, evilcom??

Been following what Safaricorp has been doing for the past few months. Mara mpesa 1 tap, mara cctv backup…Seems many guys are gonna be too dependent on this giant:eek: .I think we’re gonna need a competitor for these guys! Any “evil” thoughts? :rolleyes:

Nakumat tried and failed…soooo…

They’ll soon launch a new Ecommerce platform “Masoko” to rival Jumia.

why not start a biz to compete with Safcon? :rolleyes:

photo id’s for MPesa by dec, hapa hata mimi I will Join Nasa guys to resist

Eish! Hiyo jina kwa kikuyu ni mbaya saidi

what does it mean?

A mixture of semen + sperms

One must diversify income streams while at the same time bite only what you can chew. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

too much money to throw around