SafariCON's Adrian 4G Router That Used To Sell For Ksh 10,000 Now Goes For Ksh 3,000 Na Bado Watu Hawaitaki


Adrian 4G CPE Router Price in Kenya

  • Compact Design with built-in high gain LTE & Wi-Fi antennas
  • UPS battery backup option
  • VPN & full L2/L3 GRE tunneling clients support
  • Advanced 4×4 MIMO and CA support with Category 7 throughput
  • Compliant to #GPP R10 specifications

Airtel 5G router mambo yote


Hiyo ya Airtel 5G ni noma. Manufacturer ni ZTE, China’s communications giant and Huawei rival.


When you understand OEMs then you can save alit of money and stress. For example Airtel’s ZLT M30 portable Mifi and TECNO TR118 ae one and the SAME

TECNO MR118 Ksh 6,500


AirTel ZLT M30 Ksh ,2,500

Their OEM Name & Model is ZTE ZX7520


Ndindu anataka kuja kusema NIABM!

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Ngapi siku hizi?

sahii ni 4K yaani unakata 3500 first months subscription hapo unlimited

Internet ya Safcon ni limited ama unlimited?

10GB per day maximum

No wonder situmii safcom after waseme si unlimited


halafu inasubua. nilitumia one month nikaenda kwa airtel

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Kwanza ilikua inanisumbua kutoka 11pm na saa hizo niko busy kwa lappy nikasema fuck it

Airtel ndio ya 3500 monthly unlimited?

yes approximate 10mbps unlimited

I am still looking for a router I can port forward on.

Elders, does the Airtel one allow port forwarding?