Safaricom wasithubutu kuweka CEO mkenya

Otherwise we will have a big group of “hardworking” Kenyan dollar billionaires sprouting from nowhere by end of next year.


I agree

They know they operate in a #shithole country

wangepatia hii mama Sylvia mulinge…

Huyu mama has a body on her record.

U guys don’t know shiet. U think safaricom is Kenyan owned. Hii ni mali ya vodafone UK na vodacom na hao ndio uamua who to take over power .

fafanua, noogle!

She “allegedly” killed someone while drunk driving.

think have seen Nyakundiste yapping about that

Kwani huna google wewe? Schoopit
Usisumbue Safaricom executive to be charged with causing pedestrian’s death – Nairobi News

mulinge is a very shady character, the CEO tried to kick her out by sending her to tanzania but plans did not fall through

mkoonduste wewe
chunga vile unaongelesha admean

Huyu ni muuaji,na kwa sababu ako na mali she cheated her way back to freedom.No wonder TZ refused to let her into their country

I long for the day nitaweza kutukanana hapa vile mnatukanana.Aiii yawa

Silvya Mulinge atapigwa kuni proper atoboe trade secrets. Plus due to the hit and run scandal hawezi pata hio job. I won’t be surprised when someone from abroad get shipped in to take over. Ama ata MJ awekwe on permanent basis.

Very true. I have dealt with people with bad reputation and you just accommodate them coz you don’t have sufficient effisense to boot them.

her contract i very long and firing her would cost them hundreds of millions. wako ina very tricky situation

But still wakipata chance Mulinge atatolewa. In corporate world even kushikwa na pokoste you are screwed.

Yaishe mkubwa.