Safaricom unlimited 4g

Nani ametumia hii device ?

Kufanya itafanya for sure. But why would you pay 12K for a network-locked router that you can get elsewhere for 8K, unlocked? Safaricom is good, honestly, but their devices, products and services are unnecessarily expensive. They need to tone down, especially now that their competitors emerged from slumber land!

and which is that costing 8k?

Check out this product I found:


Relatively cheaper than Saf’s but still expensive for local man

Yeah. But the price is justifiable. Hii router unatumia na 4G, kwa hivyo iko na sim card slot. Also iko na ethernet port. Kwa ni multipurpose!

Utaipata hio safaricom 4g router na simcard utatoa wapi?

3mbs is rubbish

Or better yet try Huawei B315 and you can use it for voice calls via it’s RJ11 port.

Very nice device network unlocked and supporting band28

Try streaming a 4K resolution feed, nope.

Good one!
Unaona, @nerveelectron?
Router zipo around at more reasonable prices. You only have to look around. Safaricom hupenda watunyanyase mbele na nyuma! Watuuzie network-locked devices at exorbitant prices ndio watukamue na expensive data plans!!!

Just got one. And by the way, the SIM card is embedded. It doesn’t have a SIM card slot like some thought here. So hakuna kuweka kwa phone!!! You are tied to the device. Work fine, link is burstable to 7Mbps

How much per month?

It is 3k per month for unlimited 3mbps…normally bursts upto 10+Mbps sometimes

Where can I buy this? Natafuta online siioni

Just go to a Safaricom shop and ask for 4G at home. Or call this number for more info: 0722002222 (business support). Or just any Safaricom customer care number you are used to.

It not as bad as I thought. It’s actually OK. Will be using it for the next month to what’s it’s like. I know it cannot be as unreliable as Faiba.

Then how do you get unlimited internet connection?

How was your experience… Saf has ducked me up enough times already