safaricom surveillance system goes live

The first phase of Safaricom’s national surveillance system has gone live, making it easier for the police to pick out suspected criminals in Nairobi and Mombasa streets.The Sh14.9 billion National Surveillance, Communication and Control System links all security agencies, making it easy to share information and direct operations.The project involved connecting 195 police stations in Nairobi and Mombasa to high-speed (4G) Internet to ease communication.


I hope it works because billions of taxpayers money will be paid to Safaricom—>Vodafone

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So no more peeing on public flowerpots and hedges?

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Those cameras will “fail” when the need arises. Take that to the bank. How many autopsies have u seen done in the interest “public domain” and no results are forthcoming 1,2,3 years later?
You get me drift?

reminds me of this

Damn it’s a trip, all these cameras goin up
I cant go here, I can’t go there
I feel institutionalized
And i’m on the street

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hidden by their Co(wa)rd families?

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The Kenyan law doesnt even recognise digital evidence e.g videos, photos and sound recordings. they will see you stealing halafu noone will be prosecuted!!!smh!!!

Wish it was possible to start with North Eastern part of Kenya. We fast smoke out them suckers

Nairobi teems with hardcore to petty criminals most of whom are very well known to the police and some even pay protection money to continue operating freely. If such known thugs are in cahoot with the cops, what will the cameras achieve by merely recording them.

i hope zifanya kazi… but with the current corruption :mad:

With the current corruption they will only be used to report traffic.
How exactly can they tell an alshabab frm a crowd of ppl moving up en down???

ata ndio nashangaaa

Kikuyu MP death happened in front of cameras…???think of that… Currently the data is not stored/saved anywhere, they are currently looking for land in riftvalley, to build the control and storage centre