Safaricom SIM Tool App not appearing any more on my android phone

Guys, I’ve decided to go back to my roots and reconnect with the connection i once had .

I used to have the SIM Tool App(the one you pay mpesa with) on my phone when i put in my safcom sim card. That app used to install itself. These days when i put my safcom sim card i don’t see that app. Could anyone tell me where to find that app on my android phone?

Umejaribu kuzima na kuwasha?

Depending on Android skin, check under tools

Si utafute play store


Just format your phone and it will re-appear.

yes i did mwalimu but still the same …i dont see it

what tools

boss are you serious ?? what about evidences of verbal abuse i get from that ex wife?

Of late nimekuwa na the same issue. Naenda mpesa kutoa pesa sioni Safaricom sim app. Inabidi nimerestart simu mara kadhaa.

did it work when you did that ?

It is a virus. The only way you can solve it is by formatting your phone. Ngoja ile siku utaenda kulipa bill na M pesa ndio utajua.


@gashwin was right ill try and tell you my part

Zima simu
Toa battery
Washa simu
Make sure data is on
Then dial 330000#

im using roaming and unfortunately we cant access wireless data when roaming . I wish it worked with WIFI…can it ?

It should work…but you can turn WiFi on after trying that even without data

ill be back with results. Sante sana

Labda hio mpesa yako haina kakitu na simu inakuwarn mapema

first what is the model of your phone

Samsung S5 active