Safaricom Should NOT be headed by a Kenyan. KENYANS ARE THIEVES!

Kenya Airways was once profitable under foreign leadership until a herdsman from Magadi Soda Company with a degree in Engineering (Ng’ombe) took over and almost bankrupted it. Safaricom is the most profitable company ONLY because it was not headed by a Kenyan, now don’t start your nonsense about why is Equity profitable yet Dr. Mwangi is the head? Because that is personal business( (I know it has shareholders, but to me its private Co.), Safaricom and Kenya Airways are NOT, they are Parastatals.

The only way for Africa to develop is to be Recolonized for another 500 years. Look at South Africa just 25 years of monkey rule and its now an overflowing sewer

The problem is not that Kenyans can’t make good CEO.
The problem is the state is too corrupt that whenever a Kenyan runs a very profitable public company, the cartels find a way to reach out to that CEO by force.

Kenya needs arab rule

Wacha kuharibia wengine cv…

Just say that you yourself are iredeamable corrupt and inept and should not be considered for such job. It will help narrow down on candidates

Africans ONLY perform under dictatorships, that is how they are programmed the gene level. Democracy is a foreign concept too complicated like rocket science to an African brain. Look at the niggas in Chicago.

What and where would Kenya Power be if it was headed by foreign expatriates?

I understand and appreciate your name.

Yes i’m sure it was a great time for black South Africans living in their small segregated settlements in poverty far away while the whites lived in their fenced castles in safety from low IQ blacks… You low IQ blacks are slaves and thats why africa looks the way it does because of your low IQ slave mentality. And do you think blacks own anything in S.A? Their economy is still controlled by whites and S.A has a far better economy today than it had before apartheid. If your low IQ brain think africa has benefited from foreigners owning their resources then go to the french colonies where french companies own all their resources and which has remained as poor as during independence(except for ivory coast) and tell them that…

But atleast your low IQ brain is thinking in the right direction, benevelent dictators are the best for economic growth for example as Singapore had or also Rwanda. In countries like China where they have dictatorship they will eventually bypass U.S economically due to reasons such as bigger population and that they can easily pass economic reforms.

I will copy paste my answer from your previous low iq post:

Lets look at Botswana which happends to be the most stable country in Africa and has highest HDI in subsaharan africa. First they had a good leadership like Sechele I to defeat the attacking white Boers and later good leadership like Khama III, Sebele I and Bathoen I, the Three Dikgosi, who secured the positions of a protectorate instead of a colony under the Union of South Africa or Southern Rhodesia, bitterly due to the terrible treatment of Blacks in both countries. During it’s independence Botswana was the 2nd poorest country in the World, had no single University, three missionary schools, no hospitals/clinics, had only 4KM tarred road which was made for 1947 Queens visit. The British said Botswana was going to be a charity case forever. Botswana was built by Batswana from scratch, Botswana didn’t even have a capital then as the former Capital Mahikeng was annexed to Union of South Africa. 90% of primary schools, secondary schools in Botswana was built by Communities selling cattle and contributing thats why most still carry “Community school” status although now under government. Botswana was so untouched compared to its neighbouring which were colonies of white people that they found their minerals after it’s independence which their great leaders such as Seretse Khama and Quett Masire used to finance education with great success. It is also one of few African countries, if not the only, with nationalized minerals while in countries like DRC and lots more it would have never happened and coups were imported so the the looting could continue.

Today Botswana is a middle income country with a GDP per capita that of Turkey. Botswanas success is that of being able to develop independently, no white people no colonization trauma. Its the most stable African country today and its sad compairing it to its neighbouring countries like Namibia, S.A and Zimbabwe which were colonised by white people, and where local blacks still live landlessly under white peoples segregated communities is just sad.

The only thing you would be doing right now if Kenya was still colonized by white people would be crying in your tiny settlement why you and your poor family and tribesmen are landless in your segragated communities while white people are living in castles at the hills. Maybe you would enjoy that, some blacks are born natural slaves to white skin due to low IQ.

Keep blaming the whiteman.

Who blamed the white man? Your low IQ brain struggles with reading comprehension. No i blame low IQ blacks with slave mentality like you. Its funny that you say that Africa should be colonized while nothing changed economically due to low IQ blacks like you in leadership positions who give the ownership of african resources to foreigners as is the case all over Africa which is dying in poverty. If your case of foreigners owning africas resources was valid then Africa would be the richest continent instead of the poorest right now. Hope your low IQ brain comprehends this message.

No need of insulting Punda.
Punda is just an example of the greatest injustice that befell our nation and people way back in 83., bringing down the average intellectual capacity of pupils to the levels of those in the Palestine, Yemen, Bukinafaso, Honduras, Tanzania, and Oughanda.
Shyt is real…
Those pupils are and now adults, wedged right in the bracket of the generation punda falls in, or thereabout.
It is very sad for Kenya.
But it is ALSO not a shocker, to find this generation being the one that nature is fastest phasing out due to again, mostly because of the by products (Causes and Effects of) ignorance.
Ignorance runs wild like a bush fire in Kenya.

There was an old man I once met and he talked of ignorance, to which I somewhat agree with his sentiment, but not entirely, but he said something to the effect that “one of the most expensive ventures known to man is fighting ignorance”.
Shyt veery real…but again, you ask punda’s on what ails his country, a country he is born, grows up in, get babies…still no clue what the shida ya Jamhuri is., but he will not hesitate to flash the trendy term [SIZE=1]korrapsoon[/SIZE]:rolleyes::p, and again and again, (kwasababu hawajui) employing things like sustainability and or causes and effects of ignorance is as allien a picking {put your favourite phrase here}
So, “corruption” provides a ready tailored/ universal standard answer to the all ills that are apparent in his country.

So why insult Punda when the only remedy he can think of is re colonialisation?

Bandit economy system rules dictate that CEOs of parastatals and blue chip private entities flow with the ferked up system or chip out. Bob was not incorruptible…si kuna ile story ya IEBC data center na servers…ama watu wamesahau.

Ndio maana i can not understand all this buzz surrounding his death but leave Kenyans to be Kenyans.

Those were ojinga’s fantasies.

There is no race dumber than Arabs in the whole world. Remove oil from these terrorists and they will be left with nothing.

For a very long time, I tried not to agree with you but every day, something comes up and destroys the entire field of omwafrika’s shenanigans.

Why are the foreigners owning everything kama sio shortsightedness ya Baafrika? You do realise that Nairobi will soon be owned by Somalis since in our shortsightedness, we are selling to any Arab of African origin. Sasa hapo pia Italia vile blacks don’t own anything in Kenya since foreigners wanatawala?

Your statement is dumber and does not make sense. Pray how will you remove oil? Dubai for example is establishing itself as a tourist and financial hub in case oil iishe. So tuliza nyege usaidie nchi yako kunawiri.

Because we blacks are stupid, in all matters other people play chess while we play checkers. When jungus came to Africa and conquered us they established institutions which benefits their grand childrens in Africa today but when our black leaders fought for our dependence they sold their own people short for fast gain and the people are still today suffering because of that.