A friend of mine who is planning to vie for a parliamentary seat in the coming election thinks his enemies/competitors may access his phone records and use it against him. He has asked me to find somebody who can delete everything from the Safaricom database.

  1. Is it possible?
  2. How much would it cost?

Bifwoli Wakoli? :D:D:D

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I said “My friend” kama ni Bifwoli si ningesema tu Bifwoli.

i dont think if they can access that…

si anunue line ingine

i also dont think if safaricom can allow mtu a clear database yao

labda atafute rafiki ako huko safcom house alafu a.m.fagilie

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true, only cordination and corruption can delete the database. talk to me

I am here, ama niingie inbox?

If his so called enemies have the records, what good will erasing them do?

Kwani safcom husave all voice calls mtu humake? Na pia do they save all sms watu hutuma? If they did this then ingebidi wakuwe na huge data centers which consumes lots of resources in terms of power. Kama hosting mpesa kenya ndio iliwachukua miaka sasa huge task kama hiyo watamanage aje? Me thinks wako na records za lets say the people umecall, how long you called, time n date for calling na wenye umetumia messos like not the real calls in a recording. So your friend is just paranoid for no reason

I think that is what he meant. Like the records show he called a poko from 1:30am - 2am every friday. that kind of thing.


Kwani mtu atajuaje eti mwingine ni poko from their numbers?

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Not only will it show whom you called what time and date…but it will also show where you were everyday…I can trace your movements for the whole year, know who you met, whom your associates are…all from those records…very powerful tool…now the best way is to get a court order and have those records expunged permanently…hii mambo ingeni watu watakula yeye Pesa bure

huyo “my friend” namshuku sana

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If you know phone phone number 0729xxxxxx belongs to a particular ms. Y and she works at SJs, then you can be sure that is very incriminating. Plus any mpesa transactions from your phone to that number will also be incriminating

Under law safaricom and all mobile network operators are supposed to store all call and sms records, even voice recordings for a period of 3 months, which i can confirm they do, they also have a data warehouse where they back up some data, although i’m not sure what kind.

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Kindly quote that law esp hiyo part ya recording

they don’t store voice records, hata nsa hawana the resources required to store all voice recordings. What they keep is meta data as explained above

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They do. And it ain’t for three months, but YEARS! Kwani Benshuta alikua anaitisha nini kuhusu UK?

The records of the voice have little value…ie (langu