Safaricom Network

What’s up with this company of late. Both safaricom fibre and safaricom 4g experiencing issues everytime, I can’t even game online, browse some sites etc. Anyone experiencing this. Shit network tbh!. Really disappointed in it.

Niaje turedio

Same issue on both Safcom and Faiba.Faiba is worse. In the evenings it drops to kbps speeds from a high of 28mbps.

For gaming I have moved to Telekom at the moment.

Was really frustrating. Suddenly I couldn’t do some key activities like online gaming (PS4) or music streaming (Apple Music).

After some tinkering i found that changing the Primary and secondary DNS to the Google servers solved my issue, for now at least.

Images are not loading on Kenyatalk.Com on safaricom Fibre. They are loading on safaricom bundles

Someone somewhere is playing around with Home Fiber settings…

Hio ni bonoko.
There is only one turedio my fwen.

Bonoko?? Does my name even resemble yours?? Lol!

Safaricom is the meanest, greediest and most expensive internet service provider in Kenya… If yolu want internet for your home, safaricom home fibre is not a good option. The bundle balance `you are given is limited and if you are a bundle spendthrift, you can deplete it in less than two weeks. The cost is even high. If you want to play online games and stream videos the get wifi. Do not rely on safaricoms weak signals. Get an internet service provider that uses satellite connectivity. Some times safaricom speeeds can be soo bad at that time that time that you need it the most. My best advice, hamia airtel. You will not regret it.

Sasa tangu lini vsat ikakua better kuliko fiber?

This is what am also wondering. The Guy obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about…

I have been using airtel but since friday Net yao imekuwa pathetic sana it can’t loaf safisha mecho pics