Safaricom Modem Airtime

There are some things that Safaricom does that I just don’t understand. My modem number has been acting up - hata ukiweka kwa simu ama modem ingine. So I called Customer Care and enquired “kwani iko nini and the line is registered?”

The fuck3rs insist that I must top up airtime to that line every six months. I am like “but this thingie has over 2GB of valid data. Unamaanisha nini yani?”

Their response: “You must top up with actual airtime every six months.”

“But I never use the line for making phone calls, jameni. How much should I top up now?”

“You must top it up with actual airtime, hata kama ni ten bob. Thank you for calling…”


Airtime validity is time-bound, which means if you always zambazia your modem airtime, after many months, a time will come when some of that airtime may have expired. Nini hii?

nunua airtime wacha ugamu

I would have advised you to switch to airtel unliminet. Sadly their internet is crap

weka credo ya 5bob ndio line ifunguke… dail *144# angalia expiry

yangu laini walifunga permanently i had to buy another one.

you’ll never understand these buggers. the other day the other network “upgraded” their system and so they required customers to “migrate” (read that as junk) their perfectly working modems and buy new ones compatible to their new system for 2,600/-. ok, they were discounting 2,000 off the new modems so the customer was required to pay “only” 600/- but even if it was just thumuni why should the customer be asked to pay?

Was this Safcom or Orange? I encountered the exact same scenario with the latter last week, the difference being there was an extra 50 bob for the SIM card, making a grand total of 650/=.

What however really irks me is that they were migrating me to a network that doesn’t even exist. They’ve closed down the perfectly functional CDMA in favor of HSPA which hasn’t even been rolled out.

To top off this nonsense, the HSPA modem comes with its own SIM card and so I end up with two Orange SIM cards that I neither need nor will ever use. Eti na wanashangaa why they aren’t making any money?:frowning:

You have to learn to take care of your cents so that the shillings can take care of themselves, bwana!

Orange is worse

ni orange