Safaricom mifi now @6K

Just about time!

But, still…!


Now I understand! This is the coffee safaricom has smelt ndio wakaamka!

Competition is good for the consumer

There is a discussion that has not taken place here in Kenya. Hizi mifis and other gadgets that are promoted and sold by our telcos huwa locked to the respective company’s network. Is that the way it should be? Other countries, especially America, mambo ya locked phones hakuna as from 2021. At least as long as the phone is fully paid for and it hasn’t been reported as stolen. Why do they sell you an item halafu they dictate to you how and where to use it na si eti wanakudai?


Uzia turedio ongeze bandwidth

Monthly subscription inaisha na 90gb tu ama wanacap speeds after that? Juu afadhali nibaki na fibre yangu ya keja alafu ninunue bandos nikiishia remote areas than ninunue 90gb ya mwezi moja at 4k or something like that.

Competition is always good

But si 30GB utamaliza na wiki moja?

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Sio ata worth 3k. Nlibai moja at 10k ju ya kukosa option, bundles wanakupatia 100gb capped at 3mbps. Ukiexhaust(which you will anyway) wanakupatia 100gb capped at 1mbps. Ka unajua internet vizuri utaelewa hiyo ni mateso. Alaf subscription ni ksh 3700. After kuitumia 3 months, some company ikafikisha fiber hapa neighborhood. Nkadiscard hiyo upuzzy.

After few months of not using their thing, they called kuuliza mbona slipangi. Nkawashow they are extortionists


Monthly Subscription ya hawa ni ngapi?

Fibre yako ni ngapi plus subscriptions?

Unabuy simcard ya airtel, I have one but nili unlock inatumia All sim cards.

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Hawa ni shida tupu. If the cost sio shida then you have much to be angry about their network quality and coverage. Telkom have very cheap bundles lakini nao shida zao ni nyingi kuliko hio airtel.

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Kufundishe kuunlock


Haya, elezea vile utaitumia. Kuna njaro nmeskia za postpaid simcards where thry give unlimited bundles provided you pay ksh 3600.

Airtel network/internet is quite stable and not comparable to telcom.

Nabuy data bundles kwa any line, insert kwa mifi then natumia.

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Follow instructions from this video (You can unlock any alcatel mifi)

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Nikiwa bunduz niko na those old airtel 4G modems na sisumbuliwi… Safaricom is only worth for daily bundle iko na free WhatsApp. Nothing else.