Guys in the know, please shed some light on how this will operate.

Apparently the partnership will allow M-pesa customers access bigger loans which can be repaid over a period of say 6 months.

never take a loan on MPESA jua tu hivo. safaricom and the bank will both make money out of your poor pocket

Tag team of two big green greedy arrogant monsters, ukijipeleka huko utakamuliwa vilivyo.


Which world do you guys live in? Sometimes one has no choice.

Which world do YOU live in???..There is always a choice bro

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I don’t think there is any wrong taking a loan from them.After all asking a buddy for a 5k loan yakulipa kesho huwa na aibu sometimes.Have just registered and am told I qualify for a 10k loan.

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MPESA will sooner or later be hacked

I thinks its already been hacked…Imagine someone stealing 1 bob from about 10 million subscribers every month.

wah thats a baller ana fanya job akiwa amebangaiza tu heh

naskia kuna watu ukikata na pesa yao they attack your mpesa na wanachukua pesa yao o_O


The good of mobile banking, stay calm and see the bad and the ugly of… … …o_O

Wrong. Look beyond your lifestyle and you will see a choice lurking in the shadows


How long does it take to get the notification, dialed like 5 hours ago.

You guy. …that’s a bad sign right there


si wewe ndio ulikuwa unalia ati uko na bad rating kwa CRB?


Vile amesema

wapashe kwa page yao ya facebook

Have you encountered mobile banking by Family? They actually ‘penalize’ you for banking via mobile :mad:

I have never trusted mobile banking… EVER!!! They say that you can even buy credit directly from your bank account hahaha…why would I want to do that?