Safaricom introduces reverse call feature

:D:D:Dkwisha beta males. Makunguru
will take full advantage.

Can be embarrassing.
You press 1 halafu hauna credo, the caller will think you hung up on them.
Please call me works fine.

So how does one reject the reverse call without rejecting the call all together?.. Coz kuna pia wanaume maparasites sana

Hapa iko sida.

hehe,yani wanatafuta revenue kila corner kama kra

Why didn’t I think of this? :mad:

:D:D:D:D:D @johntez addi gaza msafi pale kamiti atatumaliza

Unless it’s my parents or siblings, kila mtu abebe mzigo wake.

Just press 2 to decline the request

Is the porting from Saf to another network while retaining the number still possible. This will expose one to leeches who nag all the time.

hapo itakua shida… i will need to re budget my phone expenditure…

With what brain?

Good it isnt availabele off -net. Am safe with Airtel.

Unaweka credit less…kama 50

Kitu kidogo any safaricom number I won’t be picking. Nakuflash na Telkom ukishika nijue sauti ni ya Nani . Na kataa mbio.

Iko na limit. I tested it with someone and it failed because he had 3bob airtime.