Safaricom internet loophole

Words spreading is that there was a loophole on safaricom network on its platinum bundle. You get the 20gb bundle plus 600mins free.

Sasa sijui hii loophole ilikuwa tangu lini but by around 9am this morning safaricom managed to seal in.

Wangapi walijua hii story ama mlikuwa tu kwa giza like the rest of us.

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You believe that??

What do you think?

Same screenshot. Probably from a safaricom agent

This isthe second time its happening, the mistake is theirs

Boss watu wameibia Safaricom bundles mbaya sana

Huwezi kuibia mwizi ako na experience kukushinda, tutalipa tu

kuna ingine ya mshwari but wame seal pia

kwani kulikuwa na free loans

Kama hii nitaipata na bundles ngapi wasee…

Wanarecover aje sasa tulidelete izo messo


Recovery is so easy hata sijui unacheka nini.

Every Platinum transaction during that period will be examined and if there is no corresponding payment on record, itachotwa the next time unatumiwa 1000 na mtu, and then the next, and the next, until the value of your stolen data is reached. They are the boss in this matter. Alternatively, they can jut block access for all thieves or even close your line.


I have being enjoying zero mpesa charges for over a year now through a certain loophole involving a bank and safcom…not disclosing details for now… wacha nijirudishie pole

Kwani huna connections mse… Ama wewe watu wamekuzoea ukiwa mafuta I tu…
Sisi maskini tulikua tunapigiwa na everyone we know:p

Boss si una pesa…

They could have planned it themselves, an unscrupulous way to boost sales