Safaricom Dry Fry

I hear kuna DFHKM doing online rounds of a safaricom chic that were found in the husband’s phone by the wife. The husband is also a safaricom employee. Who has seen the pics?

There’s a self recorded porn clip of this couple. The hubby released it after they broke up

hatutaki rumours hapa kijana…


Someone just released a porn flick of the above couple. Aki hii tabia ya kufilm uki dry fry tuwache.
Kwanza usiwai piga wife picha,your phone or laptop could be stolen



That guy looks like Mutula Kilonzo Jnr…nilikuwa nimeshangaa, kwani govenor amekubali kujirecord!:smiley:


Just a gal in safaricom uniform taking a selfie then another where she’s topless. She got nice boobs. I think she works in sales. Saw it on a friends fon lakini

It was sent to me via watsapp. It’s 4min clip, ebu explain vile nita upload hapa using a phone

Weka io photo

Weka hiyo safariporn kwa dropbox alafu utupee link. Got to fap.


Breaks my heart to see such a lovely couple break up! What happened to sticking it out through thick & thin or for better/for worse? Unless you married for the wrong reasons you should fight & hold on!


Mutula Kilonzo Jnr ni governor wa jimbo gani?


weka screen shots as the video progresses that will do for now

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pole i meant govenor…of makueni

Nimechanganyikiwa hata zaidi. Ama ni hii Gilbeys?


Mimi pia nimechanganyikiwa zaidi, hebu leta mkalimani anisaidie kukuelewa

kichwa inasema senator…the vidole have a mind of their own zinainsist kuandika govenor!:D:D
must be from too much fapping while looking at a stoney bottle!

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Weka link ama ni hekaya.