Apparently terms of the trade deal BTW USA and Kenya was Safcom to drop Huawei equipment to a foreseable future Hindering our plans of acquiring 5 G Phones next year.

ebu rudi ukaivishe hizi news vizuri. Big headline with no supporting evidence.

4 G is still functional.

On the software side last year safaricom dropped Huawei SDP replacing it with one from 6d technologies.
Skiza tunes platform is still Huawei based. I think the only reason they haven’t replaced it is due to lack of a good alternative.

I have read that document and there is no deal yet, hakuna kitu kama hio.

Only demands by US ni we stop the devaluation of our currency and recognise Jerusalem as Zionists capital. Hii yako ni porojo.

safaricom runs on Huawei.