safaricom bundles

ju a niccur amejiona mjanja amejua kuhusu finch leo, n selling settings, saf has made things easier nw[ATTACH=full]9095[/ATTACH]


50*10 = 500 bob spent, and you get 1.5 GB :cool:


either way i dn see myslf buying saf bundles anytime soon

Niaje, si unisave na hizo ma seetings za finch bana‚Ķ [email protected]

Hawa watu wanatunyonya sana… in Tz unlimited daily 700mb are Tshs 1000 approx 50 bob, Unlimited 6 GB weekly bundles are Tshs 7000 about 350/= and monthly unlimited bundles 25 GB Tshs 25000 about 1250/=

They are feeling the heat from Airtel unliminet. If there’s anything that Airtel has ever done right, then it’s that unliminet bundles idea.

btw iv seen the full cost sheet for daily n weekly n its still isht

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ntajuaje hufanyi kazi kwa saf

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which operator is this?

Sasa ngwati utadownload mob.

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Safcon sister company in Tz… Vodacon

see more details:

WTF!! Safaricom wanatuDF mkia bila lube jameni. Kshs 50 in TZ gets you nearly 5 times what you get here!

Which network in TZ …Airtel, Voda or Tigo

Bado safaricom vuma iko?

I meant wimax

Vodafone… more details on other networks…

Its better than what was there previously, but still a raw deal

Hii finch ndio nini?

Hehe…ni ngumu kujua. You can only trust me. I really need it. If u can just email me…