Safaricom Bundles

hey folks,
I used to spot facebook posts buy spammers advertising for safaricom bundles but i haven’t seen them in recent past.
I’m sure most of you know about them, so i wanted to know if those bundles were cheaper than if… say, one recharged directly from safcom, and if they were, are they still there? how can i get in touch with those that supply them?

so how did it work?

Safaricon cock-blocked the bizna.

that deal was the bomb

so they changed policy and now it won’t work?

niwadays ni 100mb @ 95bob bla bla bla… difference ni kitu 5-100 bob

Kuna airtel bundles niliona jana,
Havent tried though.

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whea have u been all this time ?? that bizna perished and we discussed it here.

it doesnt cover my geo location but i have an idea i want to test out

We even tested the idea and it didn’t work. Si ni ya Bonga Exchange?

he is damn expensive

Those guys are still there but in Airtel unapata 37GB na 3500

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acha niwatafute, ahsante

Connections ninazo daddy niulize

wacha nitaku-inbox uniambie hii maneno kama ni viable