Safaricom And Their Thieving Ways

WTF is this shit?? What gives Safaricom the right to forcibly subscribe someone to a service they don’t need?[ATTACH=full]888[/ATTACH]

Nobody else uses my phone…

Yes they do that sometimes, hoping you wont notice.

Mimi naona hizo lips.

Omwami!! Thats my son,chunga sana vile unasema.

This is a serious breach of contract. Mtu anafaa kuwa sued big time

I sometimes did that kitambo…If i wanted to see what a certain app did and they asked me for my number, I would just enter a random number and after that wait and see what happens…whether I will be granted access. But I soon realised that most of the application required you to confirm that subscription through your number.

Anyway it might happen that someone did that with you!

Nobody else touches my phone and those premium subscription services always ask for ones’ number which I never give out.

I am saying someone might have guessed your number


@mayekeke, who has your son’s looks?