Safaricom and Police SACCO

I understand these 2 SACCOs ranks among the best in the country. Is it possible to join if you’re not an employee of either?

Can only speak for Safaricon sacco. You don’t need to be an employee of the green behemoth, but you can be introduced by an existing member.

Iko yenye yaitwa Njiwa Sacco, but it doesn’t exist. If it existed, it would have been the best!:cool:

Is it a must for you to be introduced?

Ingia Akorino goodlife sacco,ni mambo yote

Not sure if it’s mandatory, I acquired membership by virtue of being employed in the behemoth.

Nation Sacco iko chonjo. You are free to join


Kanyaga polepole boss.

Cheza chini

But generally,
You can get to any Sacco unrestricted. That was the purpose of the Sacco act sometimes back which ‘nationalized’ them.
However, it’s important you get into a Sacco that has members that you know.
Those are the people who act as your guarantors.Sasa ukienda whichever sacco and hujui mtu haina haja.
The best are those three mentioned above.

There are situations when you can borrow without necessarily having guarantors. Like when you need emergency loan lower than your savings.

Ingia Kimisitu sacco

The big issue is not joining,but how you can access their loans which will need quarantors.