Safaricom 7s was a flop

It was the most awaited event of
the weekend and the organizers
expected a massive turnout. that
however did not take place. It was
one of the biggest flops of
Safaricom 7′s flops that has ever
occurred. The stadium was empty
throughout the weekend, something
that has never happened since the
event started happening.
The event organizers however have
learnt their mistake. Rugby is
where people party not buy credit
nor tetemesha points for that
matter. Bring back the alcohol or
watch the game alone. Nairobians
love travelling and bringing the
event at their place was a total
have a look at these images.
To make the matter worse, even
after Mututho banned alcohol, he
still went ahead to ban the after
party. and the organizers still
thought people would come. OOH

i agree it was a flop, safaricom think they can dominate anything,

enyewe no alcohol in nairobi…no after party