Sadness of life: Hit n Run victim... very sad story

As u were sleeping on the 24th Sato…this nigga got hit by a hit n run vehicle…story follows on pix

We begin:
Nigga arrives at da hospital …good samaritan had ferried him there…wife was called (walipata contacts za wife frm his mobile phone which was ringing while in the pocket… His wife name was saved as Sweetie on phone)


Wifey arrives at Hosp—calls relaz…she is da one holding phone


Nigga being taken to hosp…Bible in hand…pastor was also called


Family and friends arrive…waiting 4 da outcome…prayers bado…hoping 4 a miracle


But da miracle was not to be…Luwere.RIP…



Inconsistency in your story.In pic 2, wife arrives while the fellow is still in the car?In pic 3, they wait for the pastor and everyone else before ushering him into the hospital?

SHURRUP…we r mourning…mbwa ww

The fellow was with the wife walking together when he was knocked down near T-Mall That’s Boniface Mwangi ‘s car. He’ s the one who picked him up, took him to hospital, he was declared dead and they then took him to Chiromo mortuary.

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Hapo ni Chiromo na huyu jamaa alikua amekufa kitambo…mourning doesnt give you the excuse to use your brain as an ornament …schooopid

What is this one saying? foolish man

hehehe @nairobilay umespam hadi ukatolewa

That Boniface Mwangi is a good Kenyan. He seems to genuinely love Kenya and Kenyans. He was telling us to force politicians pay to be no more than 300,000/= but we let him down. Yet we all agree Kenyans politicians are exorbitantly overpaid.

actually nimedelete…i saw the content of the screen grab may not be appropriate for the section its in. lakini anytime huyu jama akiweka hekaya zake in the sex and relationship section nitaweka hiyo screengrab!

hahah iko tu sawa… venye tu utataka

Thank you for clarifying the story.
May he R.I.P

May he RIP.

I thought mlisema ati yeye ni mtu wa evil (civil) society?

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Not me. Do you have any evidence I said that?

RIP though sijui ni nani huyo