Saddest iran execution by stoning

Strange how a young succulent coochie can drive a man nuts and reality only sets in after nutting…mpango wa kando should be legalised such that you dont have to marry someone to have a fling in those conservative countries…

islam is another cult no wonder…I once watched a video of an Afghanistan woman who was falsely accused of tearing the quran or whatever that is and stoned then her body lit on fire.

I felt so helpless and angry reading that story. Her husband was evil personified. I pray that all these years (since her death in 1986) she has been dancing in paradise with the angels. RIP Soraya.

Watched critical review of the play on press tv some years ago. The playwright does a number on Iran, similar to Borat portrayal of Kazakhstan.

Good old Iran.

Ngoja Iran supporters like @Tom Bayeye watengeneze apologist statement of how the Western media instigates lies, propaganda and photoshop.

Halafu awekelee police shooting in Atlanta to divert attention from Iran.

“You know guys, worse things happen in the west. Check out this shooting in ATL recently.”


“But… but … but whatabout this shooting in ATL? This is a worse crime. Tuachane na Iran please. And don’t forget slavery and colonialism.”

When you mention that Iran supports terrorism including financing the 1998 Nairobi bomb blast… and that Alqaeda terrorists are in hiding and protected in Tehran…




“But… but … but what about the Iraq war? The U.S is a greater invader. In fact what Iran has done pales in comparison… in fact all these allegations are manufactured lies. Whatabout Ghaddafi? In fact the CIA bombed the Nairobi embassy just so they could blame Iran. Iran is a democratic… ni kuonewa!”

If you want to kill someone in Pakistan just accuse them of tearing quran.

Such countries should be nuked to ashes.

God is so powerful that humans have no need to fight for Him. In fact, He should rightly be angy that people he created should pupport to protect Him and what He has spoken.
The day people understand that simple truth they will stop killing innocents in the name of protecting religion. These things happen because people have not deeply interrogated what they’ve been taught.