Sad Weekend

I have this friend who I love like a brother. A few months ago, I asked him how business was doing and he told me that he was making a kill in sportspesa. I found it weird but I know better, so I avoided inquiring further. Two months ago, the guy called me asking asking for a soft loan of 100k. I did not have the cash that weekend because the ATM cant dispense above 30k, so I just loaned him 30k. He was to pay me back in one week but that never happened. When I confronted him, he told me that he had some money problems and that he would pay me as soon as he sold his land. We all know that land is hard to sell, so after two weeks, he was selling the land for a song. I bought his land minus the 30k he owed me. Today, I was scrolling through OLX only to see his car advertised, a toyota Crown. I called him and he informed me that he had sold the car already. A friend also told me he had shifted to a cheaper estate. I asked him about his sportpesa business, and he said he has some “serious” bets lined up this week. Even worse, his wife is expecting a child soon. I know it’s none of my business, but as a friend I am seriously concerned because it is not my joy to see a friend slide into poverty. Sportpesa/gambling is an animal that eats slowly but surely. I dont know how to help him without invading his privacy. :(:(:(:(:frowning:

@admin acha hizi, hizi risto mwitu ni za kuchangamsha kijiji ama?

unaeza msho aniskumie hizo bets??

Sidhani sportpesa can take you down to the verge of selling your land and cars! There is a deeper underlying problem that you seem not to know.

Acha umama, a nigga goes broke and first thing you assume ni betting inamumaliza. Kuna salon hapo esto yenu nikulipie pedicure you discuss na wenzako?


Alinunua hio crown na shamba na pesa gani kwanza?

Kwani kuna limit ya the amount unaweza bet?? Last I checked hata 1 million unaweza lose in one day kwa gambling

Biashara. But alianza sportpesa ati ina pesa kuliko biz…inamkula pesa tu.

this poster writes fake stories

I once saw mtu akipeana logbook a fielder pale Nakuru after losing a game ya pool-table. With stakes that high, gambling can take you to the cleaners sooner than any other method. Lakini wewe @Voltron una uongo mob sana. Meffi

No we don’t!!

Halafu umetoka mitini eh? Hebu jibu mashtaka kwa ile thread yako ya ’ Sadistic’. I used to believe your stories mano_O

Hekaya za majitu peleka huko-------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>senji kabisa.

Most of the guys who win big never go through this gambling disorder or addiction.
Hujawai skia hawa watu hushinda 10 million kwa lotto narrating their stories? “Mimi nirianza kucheza last week nikapokea simu kutoka kwa Rotto…aki Rotto sio Dotto.,”

Intervene or else the guy will start collecting papers!

Kwani huyu mseh ni fake??? Kuna link?

Gambling is for fools.
Ati alisema anafanya job gani? SportPesa? What is the JD?

Anyway, notify us when he announces the sale of the kids. Najua mtu anataka.
Also notify @Adeudeu when the wife is up for sale.

Kwani sportpesa betting imekuwa biashara siku hizi??

Fake ass bs.

@Voltron huna aibu you have shown your face again after kukamatiwa chini kwa ile thread ingine.

Cc: Tony Gachoka!