SAD: New Scam targeting Job Seekers (Oxygen 8 Group)

A friend received the below email for a post they applied. I am sure thousands will appear at the place only to realize they have been conned.

Dear Simon,

You applied for the aforementioned position with us, Oxygen8 Group, and we are pleased to inform you that your application was successful. Congratulations as we confirm you for the interview with us. (There are 4 open positions to be filled.)

You are hereby invited for an interview on: Friday, 06/11/2020 at 10.00 Am. The interview may go up to 3.30. Pm, so please come prepared as we shall be doing final interviews the same day and give employment letters to the successful candidates.

Please note we shall be conducting the interviews from Nairobi, at the Nairobi Safari Club, PDR Room, 5th floor. Please note that due to the Covid19 pandemic, and to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines, we shall be observing the social distancing at the venue and you’ll be required to wear your face mask throughout the interview process. There will be refreshments and lunch to be served at venue for free so we do not have candidates going out of the venue so we can finish up on time. Nairobi Safari Club is located at Lilian Towers, University Way, opposite the University of Nairobi.

Please note that you will be required to take a Covid-19 test same day which we shall be conducting at the venue in conjunction with a renowned hospital partner. This is mandatory to all candidates and you will be issued with a Covid-19 test certificate. This is a policy we have taken as a company to ensure all our employees are safe and protected. Please note that we shall still employ you even if you test positive as you will get treated accordingly. Please note that this process is not free, since we shall be having a team of medical staff with us at the venue. [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Thus, the testing will be charged at a discounted charge of Ksh. 1,200 shillings; this amount will be paid directly to the medical staff from the hospital. You will be required to pay for this in order to facilitate this process. This money should be paid to our Coordinator, Ms. Lilian Mumo, through the number: 0715-218127 via Mpesa, who is in charge of organizing and coordinating the interviews.

Please confirm your availability on time and make your payment of Ksh. 1,200 shillings as soon as possible and not later than Thursday 05/11/2020, to help in the planning of the test kits on time.

N.B: If you have already taken a Covid-19 test and you have a test result certificate issued to you, please note that you don’t need to take this test during the interview. Just bring along your test certificate. When attending the interview, please ensure that you have a face mask on and come with your certificates.

Note: You will ONLY be allowed to enter the interview venue if you have made your payment or if you have a valid Covid-19 test certificate with you. Please confirm your attendance by replying to this email, and make your payment as soon as possible

We look forward to meeting you and hiring you.

Kind Regards,

Christabel Barasa

Human Resource Manager

E: [email protected]

Oxygen8 Group – Global Provider of Integrated Mobile Solutions
Corporate Solutions | Payment Solutions | Mobile Money
Office Location: One Africa Place, 9th Floor, Westlands.

United Kingdom | Ireland | US & Canada | Australia & New Zealand | Caribbean | South Africa | Kenya | Asia


heh they really thought everything :smiley:

Hawa scammers ata si ati wao huwa wajanja, ni vile tu our corrupt gafament doesn’t care. If they’re caught they’ll just bribe the authorities. Nilikua naona kule buyer beware, nowadays you can report a conman, police give you OB number, then they call the accused and order him/her to appear at the station. If they fail to show up nothing happens. The police don’t follow up to arrest that person. There was a time when failing to respect a police summons was considered a serious crime, ata ya chief. Siku hizi ni freestyle, kila mtu anafanya vile anataka.

But do people still for these kind of scams?

:D:D:D watu wa ocha

kumbe kuna kampuni inaitwa oxygen8 group but website yao ni
wajanja wanakamua wasee mbaya:D:D:D:D

This is scam.
I know the top management.
A French and an Irish guy.

Let me notify them.

There are ignorant pple, and there are also desperate kenyans out here who would rather try it out.

Noma sana, na the domain owner is Lilian, while the scammers have given the name of their mpesa receiver Lilian Mumo. Noma kama noma.

hata number ya website owner ni the same na ya lilian mumo

Shit. Kumbe what you have highlighted was the scammers address. Hapo nimejipiga own goal. But these guys are ruthless

Na hiyo ujanja yote hajui ku-make hizo domain name details zikue private? Kila mtu ni kurutu sector flani.

maybe hawajali
amepeana mpaka name na phone number ya kutuma mpesa

whois request

A lawless society is always ripe for those who thrive on chaos.

Tamaa iendelee kuwaongoza waende wajaribu hii scam Rwanda.

Ile ya Cocacola vijana walioshwa kwa muosho mmoja… am planning to run one of this scams in the near future… naona nikitoka na 10million clean

Please Note ni mingi