Sad day:Six-Storey Building Collapses in Nairobi Tasia estate, Scores Feared Trapped

A six-storey building collapsed on the morning of Friday, December 6th at Embakasi’s Tassia area, Nairobi County.
According to reports, several residents are feared to be trapped in the building.



Wa!!! Sasa sonko rescue team itaenda tasia kusaidia aama runda kusaidia mdosi wao?

a bad coincidence…juu such incidences ndio huwa mbuvi’s opportunities …am sure vijana wa DCI wako izo area wakimngojea atokelezee na ile kinyasa yake

It will be hard to arrest him there.

Hii nayo toll ita range 150. At that time of the morning bado watu wako ndani ya nyumba.

let us hope for the best man…twaombea…them tenants are not really to blame…

Zi…vile DCI goons love embarrassing wait hadi amalize speech when he think ako free kabisa then they strike

The Tassia area was in 2016 flagged for substandard buildings by the National Construction Authority(NCA) as reported by the Standard on May 6, 2016.
According to the NCA and the National Housing Corporation, over 70 percent of buildings had not been approved by the county government thus posing a major threat to residents in the area.

it has to be done somewhere at least…and am sure chokosh will not hand himself over at an easier spot

After the NCA report ,Former nairobi DG Jonathan Mueke had this to say:

"You cannot be sure whether yours is encapsulated in that bracket but if you look close, you can tell. Take a walk in Nairobi’s Pipeline and Tassia areas in Embakasi,
“Magorofani in Imara Daima, Githurai, Roysambu, Umoja, Ruaka, Satellite, Ruaraka and more: In these areas, there are flats which from eye view, look like trouble,”

Unajua as the CEO of this county chokosh and his staff members should also be arrested for negligence and murder ifpeople have died

Serikali saidia

Boniface Mwangi wrote an article juszi about these shoddily constructed houses in Eastlando, some airheads here wakasema amelipwo na wazungu :D:D:D:D:D

How will the cloud react, you know the guy fashions himself kama mtu wa watu

Bonobos perishing since 1901…watu weusi tuko na shida sana

The cloud will pee and we call it rain.

Crowd management. Leta gsu kadhaa

You can tell from the picture many tenants have been killed

Let’s hope for the best. Prayers for those trapped and let’s hope Sany the leveler will rev back to action again.
[SIZE=1]Personally kuna building siwezi ingia. Call it Maringo or call it paranoia but I take my personal safety a little serious. [/SIZE]

@Yunomi kuja uone :D:D:p